Eivør - Live in Tórshavn CD + T-Shirt Bundle - Nordic Music Merch
Eivør - Live in Tórshavn CD + T-Shirt Bundle - Nordic Music Merch

Eivør - Live in Tórshavn CD + T-Shirt Bundle

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Eivør - Live in Tórshavn CD Digipak + T-Shirt Bundle

Features the Eivør Live in Tórshavn T-Shirt and the album as CD Digipak.

Live in Tórshavn is a selection of 16 Eivør instant classics from her albums Room, Bridges and Slør. The songs were selected from the recordings of three consecutive shows in the Old Theatre in Tórshavn - Faroe Islands, 2017.

Eivør´s unique blend of Faroese tradition and various contemporary impulses transcends borders of musical genres with her modern yet timeless musical expression. “Live in Tórshavn” offers a great selection of her songs and displays her undisputed talent as a songwriter and what a truly extraordinary live-artist she is. To quote Eivør herself: “The live show is my thing, and the songs truly come alive to me when I can reflect them back to an audience.” 

Long-time friends/collaborators Mikael Blak (bass, synths), Høgni Lisberg (drums, vocals) and Hallur Johnsson (FOH engineer) are an essential part of the live show Eivør has been building since the release of her latest album Slør (2015). Live in Tórshavn is the natural continuity of the studio albums, giving them a second life and taking the songs further into the territories of Alternative, Rock, and Folktronica. Interpreting her roots in a modern way and attracting more people from all ages and all crowds, Eivør plays music for the soul and delivers breathtaking performances, hitting notes that only a handful could reach with such precision and grace.


01 Mjørkaflo´kar (Live in Tórshavn)
02 Brotin (Live in Tórshavn)
03 Verð mi´n (Live in Tórshavn)
04 Salt (Live in Tórshavn)
05 Rain (Featuring Konni Kass) (Live in Tórshavn)
06 Bridges (Live in Tórshavn)
07 The Swing (Live in Tórshavn)
08 Famous Blue Raincoat (Live in Tórshavn)
09 Remember Me (Live in Tórshavn)
10 On My Way To Somewhere (Live in Tórshavn)
11 Silvitni (Live in Tórshavn)
12 Trøllabundin (Live in Tórshavn)
13 Boxes (Live in Tórshavn)
14 Tides (Live in Tórshavn)
15 True Love (Live in Tórshavn)
16 Falling Free (Live in Tórshavn)

Label: By Norse Music
Release date: April 5th, 2019
Genre: Pop / Folktronica / Alternative Rock

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