Merchandise service for artists

Producing your merchandise

We're offering the full range of merchandise items for you to sell to your fanbase.
Starting with t-shirts and all possible garments as well as patches, flags, stickers or any other common merch idea coming to mind. You'll benefit from extraordinary attractive production prices, high quality and tight delivery dead lines.

Printing on textiles

We're working together with a top notch German textile printing factory which has more than 30 years of experience with screen printing.

The printing plant is next to a DHL hub in the middle of Germany. Great quality and quick delivery are what we focus on most. We're able to print up to 12 colours as well as discharge and other water based inks. If you're into effect colours like gold, silver or can have them all.
All used inks are certified and apply to the highest ecological standards.

On top of that you can choose your garments from the biggest EU suppliers for all standard brands or pick eco friendly garments like Continental Earth Positive or Stanley / Stella.

POD - Print on demand

You're not that keen to invest into physical stock and like the idea of just selling your stuff?

Print on demand is the solution for you. With no investment needed, your merchandise will be produced right after it has been sold to the customer. With POD machines of the newest generation, we're providing a high quality standard of merchandise items with no difference to screen printing. Just forward your design, decide on the garment and set a selling price. We're doing the rest and just send over your payout. That's also THE solution to avoid wasting raw material and overstock laying around. 

Fulfillment service

If you're looking for a partner to send out your merchandise to customers, we're the ones to speak to. No matter if you're having your own shop or if you're using one of the AISA shops, we can ship your orders worldwide.

You're selling well on Bandcamp? Good. If you need someone to fulfill these orders, speak to us.
Let us do the hassle and focus on what matters most: music and selling merchandise.

Tour merchandise

You are planning a tour and need merchandise to sell across Europe? We're having years of experience when it comes to calculating amounts and planning schedules.

We can ship merchandise to every venue or festival and will also pick up your leftovers all over Europe. We're sending merch to bus companies or deliver directly to your preferred destination. Pre storage of merchandise at our warehouse is also possible as well as picking from there to have sent items sent out continuously during a tour.

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