Audrey Horne “Blackout” CD Digipak - Nordic Music Merch
Audrey Horne “Blackout” CD Digipak - Nordic Music Merch

Audrey Horne “Blackout” CD Digipak

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Fuel to the fire – that’s what relentlessly hot and timeless hard rock outfit Audrey Horne provide.

What started back in 2002 soon took the Norwegians and their riff-soaked fury all the way to the top, albeit accidentally.

Three years after the much-praised Pure Heavy album, Blackout arrives with the force of a massive rock`n`roll party! Lend your ear to the thundering Iron Maiden leads that ‘This Is War‘ has to offer or to the serious amount of cowbell and twin guitar harmonies that infuse tracks like ‘Blackout.’ Wine, women, and lone wolves are the stuff Audrey Horne anthems made of.

It’s 10 ultra-catchy, fist-pumping songs that have will reduce venues in Europe to piles of dust.

01. This Is War
02. Audrevolution
03. Blackout
04. This One
05. Midnight Man
06. Light Your Way
07. California
08. Satellite
09. Naysayer
10. Rose Alley
11. Juggernaut
12. The End

Release date: 12.01.18
Label: Napalm Records
Media type: CD Digipack
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock