BardSpec - Hydrogen CD Digipack - Nordic Music Merch
BardSpec - Hydrogen CD Digipack - Nordic Music Merch

BardSpec - Hydrogen CD Digipack

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BardSpec is the Ambient project / band from Enslaved composer/ guitarist Ivar Bjørnson. Having launched at Roadburn in 2015, BardSpec has since evolved into a fully fledged band, with Steve Austin on guitars/effects, David Hall presenting the live visual aspect of the project, with the layout created by Josh Graham (Soundgarden, Neurosis, IIVII, etc.)

BardSpec combines stirring, hallucinatory synth-sounds with mercurial guitar effects and hypnotic rhythms that navigate illusory landscapes. Field recordings, and other found-sounds also drift and evaporate into the ether. Working intuitively with these elements and with sharpened senses, attuned to inner impulses, this is immersive music, that can exist anywhere, and anytime within the minds of the listener.

1. Intro - Deposition
2. Bone
3. Fire Tongue
4. Gamma
5. Salt
6. Teeth (CD/digital bonus track)


Ivar Bjørnson (electric and acoustic guitar, voice, samples, engineering)
Steve Austin (electric guitar and bass, engineering)
Iver Sandøy (acoustic drums, backing vocals, synthesizer)

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: CD Digipack
Release date: June 23, 2017

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