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Enslaved - E Cassette

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E is Enslaved latest and 14th full-length album and offers an unprecedented mix of prog, extreme metal and shoegaze on 8 tracks with a playing time of more than an hour. Titled E, the album was once again written by the unholy alliance of guitarist Ivar Bjørnson (music, lyrics) and singer/bassist Grutle Kjellson (lyrics) and marks the introduction of their new keyboard master and clean vocalist Håkon Vinje.


1. Storm Son
2. The River's Mouth
3. Sacred Horse
4. Axis Of The Worlds
5. Feathers Of Eolh
6. Hiindsiight

Bonus Tracks:
7. Djupet
8. What Else Is There (Röyksopp Cover)

Color: White

Price: 6,90€

Label: Nuclear Blast
Media Type: Cassette
Release date: October 13, 2017

Genre: Progressive Metal

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