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Hamferd - Tamsins likam - LP (pastel violet)

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"This album marks the beginning of the end. It's the third and final part of our reverse chronological saga, which explores mortality and the perverting nature of loss through the lens of Faroese culture and mythology." - Jon Aldara Roughly translated as Body of the Mist, Tamsins Likam is an attempt to create the most intriguing, honest and unique Hamferd experience yet. It is nothing less than a pinnacle; a culmination of many years of refining both sound and songwriting, spearheaded by a strong desire to keep progressing and expanding. This has resulted in an album bustling with elements ancient and familiar, violent and strange, earthen and spectral - all the while fiercely seeking to surprise and move the listener.

01. Fylgisflog
02. Stygd
03. Tvi´stevndur Meldur
04. Frosthvarv
05. Hon Syndrast
06. Va´pn I´ Anda

Label: Metal Blade Records
Media type: 12" LP
Release date: January 12, 2018
Genre: Doom Metal