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Bömbers is a Motörhead tribute band from Bergen, Norway. Bömbers was formed in the summer of 1996 by Abbath (Immortal), Pez (Punishment Park /Jef) and Tore (Old Funeral / The Batallion). Together they became Killminister (bass/vocals) , Party Animal Taylor (drums) and Fast Tore (guitar). 

The ultimate Motörhead tribute band was a fact. The 3 childhood friends shared a common passion for rock n roll and Motörhead in particular. Since the early 80’s they have been continuously listening to their favourite band without deviation. Motörhead’s music is now a natural part of their bodies and run constantly through their blood!

In 2001 they released a live vinyl EP in only 350 copies. In 2004 the Bombers “Bergen” EP was released on black vinyl in 500 copies and picture disc in just 250 copies. All sold out long ago. Since 1996 they have played more than 150 shows and still counting. Their main goal was, and still is, to pay an honorable tribute to their favorite band: MOTÖRHEAD! ...and to have a helluva lot of fun into the bargain. These 3 bastards have all it takes to do just that… And the way they fly is 5 miles off the ground! BOMBS AWAY!!!