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Drittmaskin - Når Dei Kjem For å Ta Meg EP (Red) - Nordic Music Merch
Drittmaskin - Når Dei Kjem For å Ta Meg EP (Red)
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Lead by the manic vision of frontman Grindadrap, and the two other founding members, Snöfökk and Avstralopithecvs, Drittmaskin  carved a unique sound in an often stale and conservative genre. Drawing heavily upon their influences from punk, black metal, thrash and death metal, Drittmaskin are able to write songs relying on a untraditional song structure within the metal and punk genres, more often seen within the classic songwriter tradition.

Aesthetically, and in their instrumentation the band draws inspiration partly from the eponymous Bad Brain album, Morbid Saint, Filosofen by Burzum and Scream Bloody Gore by Death.

The signature drumming style of Snöfökk brings the band’s sound a step closer to the rock genres, and gives an aspect of accessibility, broadening the sound of this extreme sounding band.

The lyrical content and the song structure also takes a clear step out of the norm of death and thrash metal, making songwriters such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell more suitable references.