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Sahg - White Logo T-Shirt
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Not every metal band can expect to chart in the top 40 and have a multi-page feature in the biggest national newspaper for a debut album. Sahg can. With their catchy, doom-leaded heavy metal and evident devotion to seventies heavy rock, the Bergen quartet excited both audience and critics. Fronted by the undying anthem Godless Faith, Sahg I (2006) filled a void in the Norwegian metal fauna, and was an indisputable success in Norway, as well as abroad. 

Two years later, Sahg confirmed their status as Norway’s indisputable doom lords with their second opus Sahg II. Fast forward to 2010. After a three year long hunt for a replacement for original drummer Kvitrafn, Sahg eventually found the right man in Thomas Lønnheim. With the new drummer in place, Sahg embarked on their third album. The result was another fistful of potential heavy rock classics, one moment heavily inspired by old-school thrash, the next, spiced with some modern prog metal elements, in the likes of Mastodon. 

Still unafraid to call upon the powers of doom, Sahg took a more progressive and experimental approach on their fourth album, Delusions Of Grandeur (2013). But the heaviness and gloom still remains the foundation of Sahg’s signature.

With two new members in place, Sahg released their fifth album, entitled Memento Mori. The album’s underlying theme is awareness of our mortality and the inevitability of death, inspired by the band’s ‘near-death experience’ only a year before. After the split with guitarist Ole Walaunet in 2018, Sahg has continued as a trio, and done a few concert appearances in the new format. Now, the band is in the midst of writing material for their sixth album, expected to be out in 2021.