Every great band has a moment when everything falls elegantly into place. Norway’s premier exponents of thunderous and doomy metal, Sahg have finally reached theirs. 16 years on from the release of the band’s debut album, Sahg I, they have returned with their sixth and finest studio record, Born Demon. A bombastic tour-de-force of high-octane, post-Sabbath riffing and meticulously crafted and macabre songwriting, Born Demon represents a total renewal for this most elusive of overdriven crews.

Sahg plays Trve Norwegian Heavy Metal. We are the bastard sons of Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Pentagram and Judas Priest. Classic heavy metal for the new age, with a desire for the occult, aversion for religion, and a gloomy gaze into the inevitable apocalypse, all served with a bite of ice cold Norwegian blackness. With the ruthless power of the Toxic Trio, Sahg intends to bring Vintage Doom and Classic Heavy Metal back to the masses.