Malignant Eternal

Originally formed in 1991 Malignant Eternal definitely left their mark on the nineties black metal scene. The now classic debut album “Tårnet” was self-released in only 500 units by the band and shortly after re-issued by the infamous Hot Records (Shagrath 004) in 1996. The band went on to release two albums, «Far Beneath the Sun» and «Alarm», and an EP, « 0th Century Beast" for Napalm Records in the following years, adapting a more progressive and industrial style before disbanding in the early 00s.

Last year the infamous debut album was re-released on various formats by Soulseller Records. 2020 markes the 25th anniversary of the release of «Tårnet». Here’s the cover reimagined by the brilliant Costin Chioreanu.