Spearheaded by four Norwegian/Swedish musicians, Kalandra is a band with roots in melancholic Nordic folk and gritty guitars, weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes.

Formed in the beginning of 2011, they’ve spent a decade crafting their own unique sound, building their own studio, whilst also touring and playing support for similar acts such as Gåte, Seigmen, Wardruna and Eivør. Their break came with a cover of ‘Helvegen’ by Wardruna, that amassed over four million views on YouTube. Since leading them to join forces with the acclaimed record label ByNorse Music.

In 2020 their first full-length album ‘The Line’ was finally released. The album was a journey in introspection, the feelings of wonder, anger, loss and acceptance at watching both your own life and the world around you unfold.

The band has since created music for the HBO Nordic’s series “Beforeigners” and the full soundtrack to the game series “Kingdom Two Crowns” which resulted in their second release “Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended)” in 2022.