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Vomitory was formed in 1989 by guitarist Urban Gustafsson during the birth of the globally well-known Brutal Swedish Death Metal scene. Ever since, they have constantly and brutally delivered straightforward grinding Death Metal. While being a part of the phenomenon that was the Swedish Death Metal scene, the early and most important influences were spelled Sodom, Slayer, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Grave and Carcass. During the first years, Vomitory spread their name in the worldwide underground Death Metal scene by releasing a few demo tapes and a vinyl 7" single.

When the Death Metal scene was getting saturated and began to stagnate in the mid 90's, a lot of the "brutal" bands disbanded or changed their style drastically to something commercially more marketable. Vomitory refused to go in that direction, but released their debut full-length album instead, "Raped In Their Own Blood", in November 1996 (Fadeless Records). It was greeted with great respect within the underground scene and gained a lot of fans, which of many to this day have stayed loyal to Vomitory.

By the end of 2005, the newest member of Vomitory was added to the ranks - lead guitarist Peter Östlund. He brought well-needed new blood and energy into the band that have had a downward period during most of that year. In 2009, Vomitory celebrated 20 years as a band and released their seventh album, "Carnage Euphoria".

In February 2013, Vomitory announced that it would be disbanding by the end of that year. Then in April 2018, after reuniting the year before for "one show to honor an old friend", Vomitory announced their reformation and celebrated their 30th anniversary together in 2019.