Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest

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Carpathian Forest is a Norwegian black metal band formed by Nattefrost and Nordavind in 1992.

Carpathian Forest’s latest release was the 2006 studio album Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est, that was a throwback to their early, blackened thrash metal-like sonority of their debut.

In an early 2008 issue of Terrorizer, Tchort spoke about the possibility of a new album, and the rumors circulating regarding a “half-finished album”. He is quoted as saying: “I met with Nattefrost a few weeks ago and we decided to focus on a new album, but we haven’t even started writing it yet. The news that we had an album half-finished was based on the fact that we had material left over from the last album. Since we record in different studios, this meant that I had the basics for music that Nattefrost never heard”. He also divulged that “[we] kind of decided on a slightly new direction for the band, compared to Fuck You All, at least”.

The band frontlined the Inferno Festival in 2009, and confirmed rumors that a new album was in the works.

The band entered on a relative hiatus after 2009, but from 2012 onwards they began to play on some festivals around Europe. The bands last-known concert was at Blastfest in Bergen, Norway on February 22, 2014.

The band went on hiatus in July 2014, after Tchort and Blood Pervertor announced they had parted ways with Carpathian Forest, and would form a new band called The 3rd Attempt.

In 2017, the band returned, and announced that they were working on a new album which would be called Likskue, to be released in 2018.