Une Misère

Somewhere deep inside the aching chest of Iceland, the earth shifts, and from its cracking plates discharge the tragic sounds of 5 scorched young men whose own existence drives them to creative madness. The product of a modern age; the sonic nature of UNE MISÈRE cannot be easily defined. With an inherently heavy nature, the band sits somewhere on a vast spectrum of blackened hardcore and aggressive metal. Making their full length on Nuclear Blast Records, UNE MISÈRE are seeking to perform their darkened “SERMON” for the world.  

Beginning their journey just a few years ago in 2016, UNE MISÈRE is the culmination of familiar friendships, musical devotion, hardening tragedy, addiction, and the fusing of band mates with wildly different styles. The desire to escape the tragic and beautiful poison that is Iceland lit a tenacious fire which alongside relentless touring, led to the band’s victory in WACKEN’s 2017 Iceland Metal Battle, an offer to play ROADBURN Fest 2018, the experience of playing alongside SLAYER in their one and only Icelandic show in 2018, and from there a signing to Nuclear Blast Records.  

To experience seeing the band live is something akin to sensory renewal. The young men themselves seem to fall into a shadowy trance as they sway, slam, scream, and completely transform the energy on stage. Using their songs to build up electricity and tension among the crowd, leaping off stage into a thrashing mass that is ready to consume them whole, their performance isn’t just a live concert, but a true display of musical artistry and emotion.  

UNE MISÈRE is: Vocalist Jón Már Ásbjörnsson, Gunnar Ingi Joneson Guitar, Fannar Már Oddsson on Guitar & Vocals, Þorsteinn Gunnar Friðriksson on Bass Guitar, & Drummer Benjamín Bent Árnason.