Old Funeral

Old Funeral was a black/death metal band from Bergen, Norway.
Old Funeral was one of the first bands to form in the Norwegian extreme metal scene, getting its start in 1988. By 1992 the band had already dissolved, but since some of the former band members (such as Abbath and Demonaz of Immortal, and Varg Vikernes(In Old Funeral as Christian Vikernes) of Burzum) are now quite famous, Old Funeral has also gained recognition. Among their influences were Carcass (UK) and Morbid Angel (US).

Former members:

Abbath - bass, vocals
Christian Vikernes - guitar
Tore Bratseth - guitar
Jørn Inge Tunsberg - guitar
Demonaz (Harald Nævdal) - guitar
Padden - drums, vocals
Thorlak Sigvaldason - bass