Nebala means primordial mist in the earliest Nordic language, interpreted as the abyss of absolute potentiality. It is the name of the music project envisioned by singer and songwriter Jonas Lorentzen. Grounded within an interdisciplinary framework, Jonas Lorentzen has teamed up with philosopher Naina Eira and Old Norse expert Mathias Nordvig to explore the deep connections between Nordic and Vedic culture.

In collaboration with Nordic Instrument specialist and producer Kjell Braaten and the neo-classical and electronic composer Sebastian Gainsborough from the Bristol music scene, using traditional frame drums, lyre, tagelharpa, Tibetan singing bowls, and throat singing, Jonas Lorentzen has developed a unique Indo-Nordic sound for Nebala. The music on Nebala’s first album, Lustuz Laþu Wōþuz Alu toys with timescapes, soundscapes, and cultural boundaries to bring you back to the primordial experience of music itself.