Mari Boine - See the Woman - CD
Mari Boine - See the Woman - CD

Mari Boine - See the Woman - CD

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Mari Boine - See the Woman - CD

It’s a debut in a two fold respect: Sami singer Mari Boine’s first album completely in English and her first album for the label MPS, recorded by producer Tobias Frøberg. A melancholic, spherical pop sound meets a sophisticated lyrical concept.

“Some melodies I pick from the trees like fruit”, says Mari Boine about her songwriting process. The singer has been the unofficial ambassador of the Sami people in the far north of Scandinavia for more than two decades, but she is also a poet in tune with nature. But of course, songwriting doesn’t always come this easy. “Other songs are harder to shape”, adds Boine.

1. Today Starts Now 05:15
2. Chasing Myself Into Reality 06:11
3. See the Woman 04:51
4. Some Say I Got Devil 06:45
5. Happily Ever After 05:31
6. 2-4-6-7-8-9 in One 05:02
7. Yes 04:19
8. Teepee Room 05:28
9. This Is My Heart 05:21
10. Twin Soul 04:12
11. Adine & Isak (My Treasures – Mu Golli Guovttos) 04:07
12. Crowded Streets of Blue 07:14

Media Type: 1x CD - Jewell case
Release date: March 3, 2017
Genre: World Music

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