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Eivør - Larva CD - Nordic Music Merch

Eivør - Larva CD

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As the title implies, Larva was a creative rebirth for Eivør. The album signals a new era with a heavier emphasis on atmosphere and current styles. A dramatic album with rock and trip hop influences. Produced by Jens L. Thomsen. Recorded at Lundgaard Studios in Vejen, Denmark. Mixed by Jens L. Thomsen at Studio Støkumørk, Innan Glyvur, Faroe Islands.


1. undo your mind
2. fill the air
3. wall of silence
4. all blue
5. waves and the wind
6. is it cold outside
7. even if the sun don’t shine
8. hounds of love
9. vøka
10. so close to being free
11. stay in the light

Release date: 2010
Label: Eivør
Genre: Pop / Folk

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