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Karin Park - Church Of Imagination LP White

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Karin Park's sixth album!

Church Of Imagination is a playful record.
We can sense the influence of Scott Walker, Massive Attack and Nico on this record. The style of music is Karin's way of using different elements to tell her stories. What defines her the most though, is her ability to touch people with who she is and what she stands for.

1.        A Forest               
2.        Shape Of A Child               
3.        Blue Roses               
4.        Dangerous Caress               
5.        Give               
6.        Magix               

1.        Glass House               
2.        Omens To Come               
3.        Empire Rising               
4.        A Thousand Minds               
5.        Let The Fun Begin               
6.        The Sharp Edge       

Label: Djura Missionshus
Release date; March 13th, 2020
Genre: Alternative Pop