Wardruna - Hallowed by Thor - Knitted Sweater
Wardruna - Hallowed by Thor - Knitted Sweater

Wardruna - Hallowed by Thor - Knitted Sweater

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WARDRUNA 100% wool Knitted Sweater, with Rune Logo and runes on the front, sleeves and back, and Birka inspired design elements in the round.

Designed by Einar Selvik, this exclusive knitted sweater features  a variation of a runic charm found in a number of old Nordic Rune inscriptions which translates  «Thor hallow these runes» (þur uiki þasi runaR). Limited production, handmade in Norway with locally sourced wool.

This product was elaborated in collaboration with Ronnie Nebelung and produced by the Norwegian knitting workshop MOZAIKK, who is part of the work community JOBBINTRO. All products are 100% handmade with local Norwegian wool.

Medium to wide fit, round neck, straight sleeves

500 g

Colours: Black/grey

100% Norwegian wool

Wash cold by hand, dry flat.

Please note: due to the handmade nature of the sweater, slight variations in shapes might occur. Those variations do not alter the quality of the product.

Due to the handmade production process, pre-orders are expected to ship in March 2024.
If you wish to purchase available items in addition to this pre-order, we recommend you to place two seperate orders.
In the event of a mixed basket available/pre-order, your full order will only be shipped when the knitted sweater has reached our site.

Genre: Folk / World music